November 24th - Badger started using Google+ and can now comment on videos and his channel alike, he got a new picture, and is working on two new seasons for some of his most well-known shows.

November 26th - After technical difficulties, Badger extends Mafia to two episodes and posts both the same day. They receive acclaim, especially Episode 3, and Badger officially declares Season 2.

November 30th - A spoiler alert photo shows up on Badger's Google + page, apparently taken by an outside source with permission inside Badger's office. The picture shows a Joker card with a splatter of blood on it, and later on, when Badger finds out the photo was put on Google + by a co-worker who thought Badger wanted it up, Badger confirmed it was a prop from Season 2 of Batman.


December 1st - Badger starts to come up with the story for all remaining seasons of Batman, according to a co-woker's Google + page.