HerculesTv0 is BadgerTv's second YouTube channel, and HerculesTv0 specializes in making skits and gaming videos, Badger's two weakest categories on his channels just before Music and Movies.


HerculesTv0 started October 1st, 2013, and started off slowly. Still only making few videos a month, it has gained some popularity, especially around a popular video on the channel entitled 'How I Do It S1E1 'Knock on the Door', which has received acclaim to viewers and critics alike. Because of this, it was soon officially made a show and the name was changed with the 'S1E1' put in the title to allow viewers to know there will be more. Owned by Badger's fellow worker, Joseph Lang, it has reached Badger's liking because of the videos, and Badger has said he is glad he made the channel.