On the Run is about three different groups of highly skilled, and some dangerous people. It was put in two parts for time and filming reasons. The first part aired Early 2013, around 15 minutes long, and the second part is scheduled to air in Febuary of 2014, Badger has stated it is shorter and follows only one plot line unlike Part One. 

Part 1Edit

A group of criminals rob a bank and decide where to put the money, and what to do with it. Another group of gangsters, who are expecting the money the criminals stole to pay off past expenses towards the gangsters group, angrily try and get the money. The gangster leader, Donald Clarke, makes a plan with his team to get the money back, and decides to start finding men to help him, he contacts a man named Simon Ridge, who he owes money to. Donald's plan goes wrong when another drug kingpin in town tackles Donald after he has planted the money, and when Donald is beaten badly and the money is taken, Donald is forced to go after Mickey. Donald kills Mickey by shooting him in the back of the head, and that is where the first part ends. 

(With music by TwistedImagery)

Part 2Edit

Badger has said it is around seven minutes long, and compared to the first one seems like a two minute flick. It is shceduled to be released in Febuary 2014. 


Part 1 was well recieved at first, and eventually got even better reviews from people coming across the video.