Users can be anyone from actors to helpers, to admins to mods. Users are usually people that help Badger, and mostly act. They are called 'Users' because they use BadgerTv to improve their acting, filming, editing, screenwriting, and idea-making skills. 


Here is a list of what users can be labeled under as:

Screen shot 2013-05-03 at 4.00.22 PM

This user is an ADMIN!

This user is a HELPER!

This user is an ACTOR!

This user writes down IDEAS and helps write SCRIPTS!

This user is an EDITOR!

This user helps FILM!


Users can win awards. Find out which awards they can win:

This user has earned a place in Badger's DEBT!

This user has been personally THANKED by Badger!

This user has been subscribed to on their youtube channel by Badger HIMSELF!

This user has mastered most if not all Skills taken from the Current List.

This user is currently notified as an upper level user, meaning they have not only earned the previous four awards, but have also been known as one of the many people that make BadgerTv happen, they are on the same par as the Creator, in other words.