VertagoTv0 started simply as Vertago, and for nearly his first month of being on YouTube, he did not work with Badger, but rather watched his stuff. Vertago and Badger met about a week after Vertago made his channel, all when Vertago asked Badger to help him make tribute videos. Badger agreed, but said he was so busy they would not be doing so in person. For Vertago's first video, Badger gave him the idea. Vertago then started to use it on his own up until about two weeks later when Badger contacted him and asked if he wanted to be a third channel. Throughout their working together, Badger made Vertago two channels, one is still up but being run by someone else not working with Badger, and the other is Vertago's current channel, which Badger just changed the name by adding a 'Tv0', afterwards.


Vertago specializes in tribute videos, which is one of Badger's strongest categories, as well as Shows. VertagoTv0 was run by someone Badger didn't know, up until November 15th, when Vertago decided to hand over the channel and quit. Now it is run by one of Badger's friends, along with Badger himself. Badger has said Vertago was a good person, but that he couldn't take the pressure, and says that he is glad they worked together in the time they did.